Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Small World Christmas With Small Ones

Monday brought a day of fun and adventure with my niece Melody, Jaina and baby Gavin at Disneyland. We wanted to go and see the beautiful christmas decorations, and we were not disappointed.  Disney really knows how to spread the Holiday cheer and it was lovely.  Gavin is such a sweet agreeable little baby.  He was adorable all day long and seemed to really enjoy being outside even though it was stinking cold!  

 Jaina has now reached the stage where she is requesting exactly which rides she wants to go on, which took her Disneyland loving mommy a bit by surprise.

We exited the monorail and couldn't get past the exit without Jaina stopping and insisting we ride the Autotopia.  This was a good deal for her since Melody and I did the rider switch so she got to drive twice.  It was a wild ride let me tell you with her completely in charge of the wheel.  Fortunately the ride has that lovely track running down the middle so you can't go too far off course,  and we came to know it very well from smacking into it as many times as possible.  I kept my foot on the gas and she steered us.  Here are a few pictures of her  taking me on a wild and crazy ride.
 Mr toad has nothing on her!
What a little sweetheart! 

 To my surprise she also wanted to ride the "Scary monster ride" which is the Matterhorn.  I kept asking her if she was sure, and she was, so she and I rode it, and she was quiet the whole time.  When we got off I asked her if she wanted to ride it again and she said no!  Not too sure she liked that one, but she didn't get upset and it was her idea!

I had such a sweet moment on It' s Small World, with Jaina in the crook of my arm and Gavin looking all around on my knee and their sweet mama by my side.  Small World is all done up for Christmas with really cute decorations inside and out and the chorus of It's a Small World is blended with Christmas carols.  What a great way to ring in the holiday. So much Christmasy love.  Jaina reached up with her little hand and cradled my face then rubbed her cheek on mine while we were mid-ride and I knew she was feeling it too.  So sweet!

Melody and Gavin

The Outside of the ride wasn't lit yet when we were boarding, but just as we pulled out and were in the best possible location in the boat, on sprang all of the Christmas lights outside, a spectacular "WOW".

Merry Christmas!


  1. Sounds so wonderful, I had tears in my eyes reading it.

  2. Oh! It was wonderful Amy Jo, but it would have been even better if you could have been there too!