Friday, April 18, 2014

Easter Basket

I've opened an ETSY shop with burlap banners and fun party items.  Please stop by, and browse a bit.

Guess who just spent about 5 minutes putting together an Easter Basket for her daughter's boyfriend who is coming for Easter?  I love to be festive and fun with the holidays and so my adult daughter has had an Easter Basket every year of her life along with an egg hunt in the yard where she finds eggs with such lovely items as socks, underwear, nail polish and cold hard cash.  If you want to know how to keep your kids interested in holidays, even as teenagers and young adults..... I highly recommend the ole cash in the Easter Eggs!  This year my college age daughter is bringing home a boyfriend to share in the days fun.  Somehow little gift items always seem harder for boys, don't they?  Since he is a recent college graduate living in a studio apartment, I thought a new towel would be appreciated.  Didn't it turn out cute?  A simple idea that doesn't take any special skills.  I just folded the bath towel in half and rolled it up diagonally.  This tutorial on wiki-how shows how to do it very easily with a smaller towel, but it worked great for my large bath towel.    I used a piece of ribbon to keep it together and taped on simple eyes cut from card stock.  I had the little pom pom for the nose, ( a nose cut from paper or felt would work too)  and I cut a piece of ribbon into strips for the whiskers.

 I have given my nieces and nephews beach towels and bathing suits for Easter in the past.  This would make a fun presentation for a beach towel in a child's easter basket too, don't you think?

Happy Easter!