Wednesday, December 8, 2010

15 Year Anniversary

December 2nd was Dale and my 15th wedding anniversary.  My lovely sweet hubby surprised me with a beautiful bouquet of two toned ruby roses and a couple of lovely crystal wine glasses and bottles of wine.  The 15th wedding anniversary is crystal and roses and apparently mucus as it turns out.  I had tentatively planned a little overnight trip to what looks like a very cute hotel nearby in Riverside.  The Mission Inn hotel is in downtown Riverside and every year they have a "festival of Lights"  with about 3.5 million lights all over the outside of the hotel and nearby buildings.  I haven't seen it yet but I read about it in the paper and it  looks Christmas-y and fun and I thought would be kind of a neat way to celebrate 15 years together.  Unfortunately I have been fighting a cold since Thanksgiving and just when I was starting to feel human again, Dale came down with it.  So we agreed to postpone the celebration and  hopefully we will still make it out there this season.  Since I had been cooped up for too long, I went out and met Becky for a nice breakfast and visit in Fullerton before her classes and then did a little Christmas shopping.  Dale stayed home in bed, but much to my surprise when I got home he had crawled out and knew that the 15 year anniversary is crystal and roses and had purchased a beautiful bouquet of long stem roses and made up a pretty basket with the crystal glasses and wine.  What a sweetheart!  I knew there was a reason I married that man!

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