Friday, December 31, 2010

New Years Eve Eve

Dale and I had a nice spontaneous date night last night, enjoying the pretty lights along the coast line from Laguna Beach to Dana Point Harbor.  Dale had just finished showing property in Laguna Beach and I was out shopping when we called one another and decided to meet up.  I got to see our new dream home, a lovely 2 million dollar house in south Laguna Beach with a fantastic view of the ocean that  Dale had showed earlier in the day.  It is a very interesting home; a 2 million dollar fixer upper that needs some TLC but has a  a lot of potential, and the view is really incredible.  It was fun to see it and to it would be great if his clients buy it.

 We drove up to the Ritz Carlton.  The driveway  is beautifully lit with blue lights in all of the trees and some really fun meteor shower lights that look like shooting stars in some of the trees.  Then we drove on to Dana Point Harbor to find a place to eat more suited to my casual attire.  A seafood restaurant in Dana Point harbor was one of our first dates, so we always get a little romantically nostalgic when we go to the harbor, which is fun.  We ate at El Torito this time, and had a table with a lovely view of the harbor with many of the boats docked outside  lit up with Christmas lights.   It was very colorful and fun,  plus we enjoyed the margaritas!  There is a cute shop in Dana Point harbor that we always enjoy browsing in.  They have art and Jewelry and other nice gifts.  Years ago we bought a small painting there, and a few other things over the years.  Last night Dale picked out a very pretty pearl necklace and had me try it on.  I loved it and Dale very sweetly bought it for me.  It is really pretty; pink pearl and silver chain with dangling small crystals and a very interesting pendant made of pearl, gems and crystal.  Dale has a good eye for pretty jewelry and he spoils me!
My pretty necklace, the pearls are pinker then they appear
All in all it was a very fun way to celebrate New Years Eve Eve.  Lots of fun and no pressure to stay out past midnight.

Happy New Year!

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