Tuesday, January 4, 2011

New Years Eve

My niece April and her friend Lana joined Dale and I for New Years Eve.  We took it easy and just played games, ate some snacks and watched the ball drop.  Tripoley was a lot of fun to play , but is a game that never ends!  After a while you just have to call it.  Next time I am going to remember to suggest calling it when I am up in the chips!  Or maybe I am just being a sore last place loser.

Then April and Lana rocked the Dance Central game on the X Box Kinnect.

Sorry April but these are too fun to pass up!
 We toasted with Champagne and Strawberries.  I knew it was past my bed time when I read the description of the Netflix movie they were about to watch called Pot Zombies;  "When radioactive marijuana fall int the hands of potheads, the stoners transform into zombies bent on gorging on human flesh!   Whoops that's my exit, bed time for mom!  I am pretty sure I liked my sweet dreams a whole lot better!

Happy New Year!

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