Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Puddle Splashing With Becky

Sunday was a much needed mom daughter day for both  Becky and I.  I really love that I get to have these kind of days with my beautiful daughter and that she seeks them out.  Just a fun day of Long chatty lunches and cupcake eating sessions, shopping, and this time, puddle splashing.  Actually the puddle splashing was unintentional but it rained pretty hard the whole day.  Becky was sporting a pair of very attractive galoshes.  Of course I was the one who managed to do most of the puddle splashing and I was wearing my favorite open healed clogs that apparently have been worn to the point where they are now porous on the sole because they wicked up water like a sponge from the bottom up.  A soggy cold feet kind of wonderful day with Becky.

Lunch kicked off at a very cute little cafe near Becky's apartment, called the Marmalade Cafe.  A very cute little bistro whose decor mixes so adorably the mix of rustic and elegant and makes you feel all cozy and girlie.  That and the delicious food made it a perfect place to settle in for some girl talk, which we indulged in for a good long time, enjoying the coffee refills and in no hurry to get back in the rain.

Then some serious shopping and a little apartment fixing upping for Becky's place.  Becky took me over to the most adorable shopping center in Glendale called The Americana.  It was bedecked for Christmas in the most amazingly festive way, dripping with lights and a cool dancing water fountain.  It is an outside shopping center, it was pouring rain and about 36 degrees out but so darn cute we enjoyed ourselves thoroughly.

A Happy Mommy Happy Daughter kick off to a Happy New Year kind of day!

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