Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Halloween 2010

I love a reason to celebrate and last night was Halloween and so much fun!   My niece Melody and her husband Tim came over with little Jaina and baby Gavin and they really lit the place up.  We are all about trick or treating at our house.  I have a few strings of Orange and Yellow lights that I hang up and a giant pumpkin that really lights up the neighborhood.  I usually wait till the day of Halloween to hang them up.  This year while I was using my broomstick to reach the lights on the hooks I was thinking  how appropriate, me and my broomstick ride again!  My normally sweet and supportive husband Dale metamorphoses into the Grinch every year at the first sign of hanging outdoor lighting.  These were just a few strands of Halloween lights but he still managed to have to take a few very important business calls on Sunday, that got him completely out of helping.  Of course when the work was all done (and he knew it) he made a point of asking me if I needed any help.  Last year I left the lights up for a week and then convinced Dale when the the Halloween lights came down we should just put the Christmas lights up and not plug them in for a couple of weeks.  Which we did and I was glad to get it done but Becky was soooo disappointed.  She loves to be there when Dale has to deal with the lighting...totally cracks her up!   It was so inspiring she actually started writing a Christmas musical the year before....hope she finishes that one day, it was great.  Guess I better make sure we wait for her this year.  It's a slow process with Dale grumbling and Becky laughing and taking notes but it's tradition!

 Jaina was totally into trick or treating this year and Melody and I had a great time taking her around the neighborhood.  When we got home she really enjoyed working the door and would run for the candy bucket when she heard the door and gleefully proclaim "Here Pick one!"  Too cute!

We always have a couple of huge tubs of candy to give out on Halloween.  Dale is a two fisted door watcher and just loads them up when they come to the house.  It's always hard to calculate how much to buy.  Plus I have to figure in how much we are all going to eat that night...which is also a lot! Jaina had been hitting the candy pretty hard and her mom was telling her..."Jaina you have to eat some dinner if you are going to eat anymore candy!"  She had a bowl of spaghetti noodles that she had been ignoring.  It pretty much summed up the consumption of the night when I looked over and saw that she was eating the noodles but using a Kit Kat Chocolate bar as her fork!  

Gavin and my guy

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