Sunday, November 28, 2010

Thanksgiving 2010

Hooray Autumn and Brett flew down for Thanksgiving and stayed with us a few days! Unfortunately the day of our celebration I came down with a bad cold which kept me out of the kitchen.  But Hooray again for Autumn, Brett and Becky for stepping up and making a delicious meal with home made pies and everything!  You guys rock!

Everything was delicious....and came seasoned with a dash of goofball!

Melody, Tim, Jaina and Gavin, the adorable Rosemeyer family!  It was so hard for me to keep my distance from everyone, but I didn't want to share the bug!

Auntie Autumn and Uncle Brett met Gavin for the first time.

Autumn sets up the table,

while Auntie Becky delights Jaina with how to ride a bucking turtle!

Cowgirl Jaina takes a turtle ride!
Finally a few quiet moments for Auntie Becky with Jaina! 

Happy Thanksgiving!

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