Monday, October 25, 2010

Introduction: Backwards Forwards Blah Blah Blog

Sometime back my very creative niece, Autumn, and I decided that we would become bloggers.  We made a pact and Autumn Created this very pretty blog page for me and a she made a great blog page for herself and she began a blogging.   And a waiting.  And a nagging.  And a wondering when I would start a blogging.  And while Autumns blog has been carefully tended and nurtured and is growing into something that reflects her personality and shows off her many creative interests, my page has sat here completely blank.....since August.  Perhaps I put too much pressure on myself with the title...Cheerful Events.  The name itself creates a certain expectation, something lighthearted and fun.  Got to wait for the right event to kick that off right?  In the meantime I have had many happy cheerful great moments that I have enjoyed thoroughly, but that I never blogged about.  Last night it occurred to me while I was walking around Dana Point Harbor and enjoying the amazing view of the light reflecting off of the water, that I had had a pretty awesome day and great weekend too for that matter and if I would just do it I could write it down and get to blogging right away. And I remembered that I never seem to start any project at a logical beginning.  Every term paper I have ever written, though my teachers would emphasize starting out with a great opening paragraph and an outline of the project, I would always just start writing up something in the middle, then circle back around to the fabulous beginning later.  So here it is, the middle of the blog of a middle age woman.  Probably only Autumn will ever actually read this blog, but I know she will be happy that I put something on the blank page.  So here you go Autumn!

My evening stroll around Dana Point Harbor was beautiful and a great ending to an already fun day!

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  1. I'm so mad my comments did not show up! This blog is great. And I made quite a few witty and adoring comments about it. Where are they?