Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Changes In Attitude Changes in Latitude!

Yay!  Jimmy Buffet came to town on thursday and we saw him at Verizon Amphitheater.  I have been a fan since I was in college and went to a few concerts.  It was great because we had purchased four tickets when they went on sale back in June.  My sister Amy Jo happened to be in town from Culebra Puerto Rico and she and her best friend since childhood, Audrey, are huge parrot heads!   We were able to have them come with us which was a lot of fun.  Amy Jo lives in the exact kind of spot that Jimmy Buffet sings about, a beautiful tropical isle, and Audrey is moving there too in a few days which is so great for them!  Amy actually has a cool story of meeting Jimmy Buffet in a little bar on Culebra....too cool!

  It rained all day and I kept trying to envision that it would clear up and be gorgeous in time for the concert, but kind of dreading it if it didn't.  When we left the house we were having one of those heavy mists that get you soaking wet.  We brought plastic sheeting to keep us dry (no umbrellas allowed)  and thought we were going to be in for fairly miserable weather.   But on the way down the sunset was peeking through the clouds and it opened up and it was beautiful!  We could even see the full moon above us for most of the concert!  It wasn't an island paradise, but about as close as you can get in the middle of Irvine.

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