Saturday, March 10, 2012

Owl Birthday Party

Look who is turning two....Cali that's who!  My niece Annie and sweet toddler niece Cali came to CA for a visit and while they were here we got to celebrate Cali's second birthday a couple of weeks early!  

It's Owl-ways fun to sit on a tiny toadstool at a party.  I wish I was tiny enough to sit on them too!
So glad I could reuse these little stools I made for Jaina's fairy party!

I was a hoot making this banner out of felt and cutting out fabric owl appliques.

These little hats were fun to make.  I bought some cheapo paper party hats on clearance and unfurled them for a pattern.  Then I cut pieces of felt the same size and sewed it onto the cardboard hat. I added some ribbon bling and more owl appliques!

Lots and lots of ribbon pieces tied onto a wire form wreath ...easy but time consuming;  good thing  I already had the owl! 

All of the littles got a cute little owl I made from felt and fabric.  It's a parliament...did you know that is what a group of owls is called?  Well now you do!

As you can see the party hat was a huge hit with the birthday girl....haha!

But my nephew Gavin and niece Jaina got into the spirit of things.

And eventually Cali came around to the idea!

How about a little owl sticky darts anyone?  Jaina had a good time running around and giving everybody a chance to throw the sticky darts!  Also a little Tic Tac T-Whoo.  Gavin discovered that you could twirl the little shapes on the board that were stuck on with velcro.  The little flowers twirled just like a steering wheel so he spent a lot of time "driving" the flowers....Vroom! Bloom!

Lots of fun coloring owls!

And who doesn't love a big colorful tube to crawl around in!

Plus all you really need at a birthday party is a couple of little cousin friends to pal around with!  "Try to remember that next time Auntie Molly".  OK Gavin I will!

Owl you need is love!
I wanted to make some things for Annie to take home and have a little owl party for Cali and her friends in Pennsylvania, so I had that in mind when I made the felt banner and made 10 more of the little owls.   The next day I made  this little picture with paint and fabric pieces for her to use as a centerpiece....small enough to fit in the luggage.  I thought it turned out pretty cute too.
Happy 2nd Birthday sweet Cali!  Thanks for coming to visit us!