Monday, October 8, 2012

Gavin's 2nd Birthday Bounce Ball Party

I've started an Etsy store and now carry these Felt and Ball Banners.  Aren't they just perfect for a ball party!

This super cute little guy, my nephew Gavin, turned 2 in June and we had a ball celebrating his birthday!

Don't they both look adorable in the little felt hats I made them?  Jaina is a very big fan of the party hat concept.  I love that about her and it kept me motivated to make sure I got some made for them!

Decorating for a ball party was a lot of fun!  Plus I didn't have to customize too many decorations...just accumulate!

These colorful paper lanterns are a nice big pop of balls and color and were simple to hang! 

 I loved using the super balls as a vase filler for a fun display.  My husband Dale's favorite thing is super balls and for several years we have had a big decorative apothecary jar full on display in our living room.  Of course whenever we have kids around or fun adults for that matter too, they get a super ball!  Gavin is a big fan of the concept and he never steps foot in the house for very long before requesting one and playing a rousing game of bounce and chase the ball all over the house with Uncle Dale!

 Even more super balls were useful for holding up party favor bubble wands!

How much fun is it to be able to use the big colorful inexpensive play balls from Target as colorful party decorations!  And at the end of the party they do double duty as take home favors for the kids!

Lots of balls everywhere made things so fun.  I used the plastic ball pit balls as fun decorations.  They looked so cute in the big glass Jars I already had, and with a big play ball on top, an instant centerpiece!

I spray painted some unfinished letters from Michaels in our party colors and just spelled the word BOUNCE to make the backyard cute!

We got Gavin this bounce house for his birthday. There weren't many kids expected at the party and I knew it would make things festive and fun for the kids! It was a big hit and lots of fun, but small enough that they even set it up sometimes inside to play with it.

Cute colorful and big round balloon "balls"  and extra play balls scattered across the lawn made the back yard festive and fun!

Melody made a delicious mellon ball fruit salad as one of the fun!

Gavin was a big fan of the big ball shaped lollipops!

Surprise balls made their debut performance as a party favor around here and the kids and adults loved them!

Before the party Gavin and Jaina enjoyed helping their mommy put the little balls on the cupcakes!

Too bad he didn't like the new car his parents gave him!  :-)

Gavin is such a happy sweet little guy and so much fun to be around!   We are all so glad to have him in our lives and I had so much fun helping  throw his 2nd birthday party!


  1. Hi! Do you remember what his invitation said? I am currently organizing a ball party for my 2 year old! When I saw your pictures... Let's just say- they are PERFECT and so cute!! Thanks!!

  2. Thank you! I am so sorry I didn't see the comment. I hope your party was awesome!

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