Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Happiness : Laguna Beach at Sunset

 Our photography challenge word of the day yesterday was happiness.  Walking along cliff drive in Laguna Beach at Sunset filled me with happiness.  The lovely golden light, the fresh sea air, I couldn't make myself leave.  What a beautiful experience.  I am so lucky to live close enough that I can drive here whenever I want.  Happiness comes from actually doing it!  I could have been home zoning out in front of the television or on the computer and missed this wonderful experience; I am glad I didn't. The photo challenge word will change daily, today it is Leaves I think and I am off to explore some foliage,  but I think that for me personally I am going to hang onto the word Happiness as a personal mantra.  So many beautiful places and experiences are all around me.  The key to happiness is actively seeking them out.

1 comment:

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