Saturday, January 28, 2012

Oh The Irony!

My lovely and very creative niece Autumn made me this beautiful quilt as a Christmas present this year.  She really surprised me with it.  I couldn't believe the time and effort that went in to making it and  I love it.!   I keep it in my Family room and snuggle under it while watching TV.  When I am not using it I often find my husband wrapped up in it.  She did such a great job and I love everything about it!

Christmas is always really busy around here.   I often have much loftier ideas than I actually get around to pulling off and this year was no exception.  I am the queen of  Christmas stockings and like to give them out to friends and family filled with fun little gifts.  This year I had seen a really cute and simple sewing idea online that involved making cute dishcloths by buying white dishtowels and sewing little strips of fabric onto them.  I really am not much of a seamstress.  I made a few Halloween costumes for Becky when she was a kid but I always found the experience very frustrating, and there was usually a lot of swear words flying.  So in the interest of raising a sweet little girl most of my sewing ambitions were put on hold.  But Becky is all grown up now and turned out pretty good so I have recently purchased a new sewing machine and I hope to be a little creative with it.

Alas, as so many Christmas inspirations go, although I purchased the dishtowels and the fabric, I never got around to finishing the project.  The stockings got filled, but just with other things that did not require my making them!  So today I was organizing some of my craft supplies and I found the bag with the fabric I had purchased to make the dishtowels.

Look familiar?  I had Autumn in mind when I was buying the fabric.  She and Becky have very similar taste in things anyway and I thought this would be cute fabric that they and all of my nieces would enjoy.  When putting it away this morning, after I looked at it a minute I realized that although Autumn lives in Spokane WA and brought my finished quilt down with her  from there, and I live in southern CA, we had purchased the exact same fabric!  The  quilt she gave me is sewn so beautifully with this lovely leaf like fabric though out.  And even the teal fabric that I purchased, though not the same exactly is very similar in color and pattern to what she put in my quilt!

And my first thought was THANK GOD I didn't get around to making those dish towels after all!  I mean, really,  she would have given me the beautiful quilt that took hours and hours to make...and I would have so proudly given her my little dish towels with the no doubt crooked square of fabric sewn on in a matter of minutes!  Made from the exact same fabric!  Ah the humiliation!  Score one for procrastination!

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  1. Weird! I guess we both gravitated to the same pretty print. And I always appreciate all the hard work you put into our gifts! You may not have sewn anything this year, but you still worked your butt off!
    Thank you!