Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Dr Seuss Birthday for Cali

Happy Birthday little Cali
Your soon turning one
One is a great age
It’s really quite fun!
I wish I lived closer 
Where we could both play
But I still really want 
To be part of your day!
So I made a few things
 To send you, you’ll see
To help your mommy throw you
 a stupendous party!

When your mommy is done 
Adding more fun and treats
I think that your first birthday 
Will be super sweet!

These banners I made 
From fabric and thread
To hang from the ceiling
Up over your head.

I got out my paint brushes 
And made a few of these
Pictures that are knocked off 
From my friends on etsy.

Thing one and Thing two 
And that Cat in The Hat
And a big sign with your name 
What do you think about that?

A very fun thing 
I like to do at parties
Is put quotes all around
 to put guests at ease.

And who better to quote 
Then the big quote-a-roo
Dr Suess, he’s amazing 
but you know that don’t you?

Believe it or not I had these hats at my house
My garage is where I found them.
And to all those people that know me well
It really won't astound em!

I hope you like 
green eggs and ham
do you like them 
Cali I Am?

I hunted and gathered 
and I’m sending you some
A little egg hunt to play 
with your sweet  friends that come.

And I’ve thought and I‘ve thought 
And I’ve made up a list
Of other fun games to play 
With a Dr Seuss Twist

Like One fish two fish 
Red fish blue fish'
Use a pole 
And catch some new fish.

Bags of goldfish crackers 
Would be fun to do.
Cause those are the kinds 
Of fish you can chew

(This photo from
and she has instructions too!)
And these I cannot send to you 
cause I’m much too far to bake them 
but they are so stinking fun and cute 
I hope your mom will make-em.

I am sending you this birthday gift
 For you to open a bit early
I hope these Dr Suess books
 will make you giggle, little girly.
And for this special birthday book 
It  really would be sweet
If your party guests all signed it
I think that would be neat.
Then each year as you get older
 You can read it on your day
And know of the all the love shown to you 
To start you on your way.

So Happy first birthday Cali
I’ll get this stuff all in a box
And get it in the mail to you
And send it from the docks
But I hope you will remember
Though we are far apart
That I think you are really special
From the bottom of my heart.


  1. Wow this is too cute! Way to go!!

  2. One quote never to be displayed or heard again would read. "I am not creative" Molly!!!

    That is so darn cute and wonderful!!! Lucky little baby to have you around!